It just so happened that I've been transitioning to a semi-western forehand about the time I saw your site. The toughest thing about hitting semi-western and two handed backhands is that you're all over the grip with changes. And in my case, I like to still move back to eastern forehand grips once in a while to return serve or slice a forehand approach. So having a reference point is nice. I just lay the ridge of the Power -V- Grip  in the middle of my palm. This is were I'm at for forehand volleys and a change to continental is easy for backhand volleys.
I noticed that my two handed backhand is naturally going to a continental with my right hand. I have always used this grip when I was trying to increase my swing plane and get more topspin. The difference now is that I have more leverage and even more action. Nice for hitting angles. Also, anyone who hits two handed backhands will tell you about hitting one handed slice continental backhands and the trouble there is sometimes. The problem is that when you change grips so much, often times you miss getting the continental grip and open the face too much. The slice will float or worse sometimes. The PVG gives me an instant reference and a natural change. The leverage is super and I can really hit a tight skidding shot. Very sweet. Anyone using a two handed backhand will know that this shot is critical for on the run or simply for nice approach shots. Thanks for the ideas and limitless improvement I've seen. Some people have thought that the PVG adds too much weight, but I haven't noticed this to be a problem. If it really made the racquet head light, I guess lead tape could help, but I really don't have any complaints. Some other people thought a slightly smaller PVG could be easier for some people. I don't see this problem either. The size is perfect for my hand. I think it's a little hard for some to get used to, but I really needed a change. Thanks, Brett

Great testimonial from Brett Leavey - Scottsdale, AZ - Thanks Brett

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