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Testimonial from Bungalo Bill - USPTA, USPTR -Tennis Warehouse Forum Guru

I would encourage all players to try Tim Tennis's product out to help achieve the proper grip and help in producing more power in your strokes. His revolutionary product is excellent and I highly recommend it. It has also been approved for tournament play by the USTA and will help a lot of people learn how to hold the proper grip for serving, groundstrokes, volleys, etc.

It is very revolutionary and I feel it is a great tennis training aid. It is a very inexpensive product that can really help your game.

The Wonder Wedge does work. It works because it locks in your grip whichever that may be. It forces a good grip change and the ellevated bevel gives you better feel for the grip of your choice.

For the onehanded backhand it is excellent. Because of the elevation it promotes, you will feel your hand gain strength around the handle, this obviously promotes solid contact. For the twohander it works very well and promotes proper hand placement for the grip of choice.

It is ideal to learn fast grip changes as you can really feel how your fingers lock in.

You can also generate a hell of a lot more spin. Because the hand is firmer on the grip, there is less twisting in the hand, especially if you sweat a lot. Because there is less twisting, off center shots feel like they are on center. Spin becomes massive because of how stable the racquet is in your hand.

If you use a SW grip with a windshield wiper motion, you can really crank the racquet up the back of the ball because of the increased leverage you get from the Wonder Wedge.

Spin serves gain tremendous kick. You can really crank up the spin in the ball.

It works but like anything it takes time to get used to it. It is an approved USTA product. Which means that you dont have to worry about someone trying to disqualify you from an improperly enhanced racquet. When you purchase a Wonder Wedge you also get a document illustrating that the Wonder Wedge is an approved product that can be used on the racquet for USTA tournament play.

Of all the things that have changed in racquet technology, the handle of the racquet remains virtually unchanged. This is a revolutionary product.

Grip changes are a weird thing to practice. At times I often feel like a kid in front of a mirror drawing my pistol to shoot the bad guy. Practicing the grip change is done this way. You need to practice grips changing either in front of the mirror or whereever till it bcomes second nature and boring.

You never know what products can help your game. The cost is so minimal that you really have nothing to lose. I know this that your hand will feel stronger and you will know for sure you are in the right grip (or the wrong grip) for your shots. It does take time to get used to as it enhances the handle. So you need to use it for a good two months.

One thing you will notice right off the bat providing you have good technique is the spin you can generate off the ball.

For Eastern forehand players, kiss those days goodbye of people saying you cant generate as much topspin with an Eastern forehand as compared to a SW or Western forehand player. When they see your ball jump, they will say HOLY COW!

On another note, this is an excellent product for kids as well. Becuase it strengthens the hand and therefore the contact with the ball, it is very possible to teach a young child to hit a onehanded backhand! Bill, thanks for such a great testimonial and explaining the benefits so well.