Subj: Kudos!

Hi, I started using the PVG about a week ago. Previous to using the
it, I was about a 4.5 player (righty) with a two handed bh and an extreme
western grip (ala alberto berasategui). My problem is that with such an
extreme grip, I was having trouble hitting the ball deep consistently, as
well as having trouble flattening out my shot (ie. putting away short balls,
vs. spinning them back for my opp to have one more shot). I saw the PVG
online, and gave it a try.

I am switching to a less extreme western grip (between western and
semi-western), and I'm finding the ww to help dramatically. I tried making
the transition without it, but found myself reverting back to my old grip,
or worse, constantly having to look at my grip to see if it was correct (ie.
not concentrating on the actual stroke/contact point itself). It's only
been a week, and I no longer need to search for the grip... I know where to
find it everytime because the ww gives a great point of reference. Now I
need to just concentrate on adjusting my contact point (because I don't need
to hit the ball as far out in front of me as I used to), but I now feel that
I can drive through the ball, and hit it deep more consistently (it's going
to take some practice to get to the same level of consistency I used to

It did take me about 10-15 hrs of playing/drilling to get used to hitting
other shots (ie. 2 handed bh, fh/bh volleys, and serve). now that I'm used
to the PVG ww, I find that there is a more solid transfer of power between my
hand/racquet to the ball. One thing I did learn, is that I *do* need to cut
the it to length to fit my hand. Now my index finger fits snugly on the
bevel of the ww when volleying/serving (continental grip), and my left hand
pinky finger fits snugly on the bevel for my 2h bh.

Thanks for a great product,

ps. I'll be putting it my my wife/fiancee's racquet when I start teaching
her to play :)

Great testimonial from Darnell Caballes - Yonkers, NY - Thanks Darnell

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