Hi Ed, I was just about to write you as a matter of fact.  This weekend the kids had their first lesson in a while with their coach. He did notice the grip pretty quickly but after I explained what it was for and what I was trying to accomplish particularly for my younger daughter, he just kind of grunted "ok" and let it go without incident.  I don't think he approved, but decided not to make an issue out of it-that works for me.  Be assured however that we were not going to back down.  The Power -V- Grip   is for real and not a gimmick product.  I am very wary of all the hyped up products in todays world, but when you see your kids make a noticeable improvement and change for the good you have to give credit where it is due. 

I will be ordering 2 more  as my older kid, just got a spare for her Yonex and demanded one.  She is really hitting the ball beautifully since we got it.  As for the younger girl, we continue to work on her service grip.  She perhaps inadvertently still cheats over to the EF grip, but the PVG lets her know when she has done that because she says "uh oh, wrong grip."  Just shows you how powerful muscle memory is and how difficult it is to make a change when a habit is ingrained. We'll keep working on it.

We really do appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my questions about Power -V- Grip   and for checking up on us. I have attached a couple of articles we have scanned about the girls so you can put some faces to the names. 01/18/06

Thanks for the great tips, I have never bought a product where the seller was so genuinely interested in helping the consumer effectively use the product after the sale. 

1-The product is very easy to install, even for a klutz like me. It took less than 10 minutes to do both of my daughters rackets.  We then ran off to the tennis courts for a 3 hr. practice session...

2-My 15 year old needed no adjustment period at all to begin using the PVG.  She is the #1 singles player on her HS team and competes succesfully in junior tournaments. Even during the warmup rally, I was surprised to find a perceptibly harder, heavier ball coming at me off both sides. She said she made the same stroke she normally makes. BTW, she uses an eastern forehand grip and drives through the ball-even without the exagerrated windshield wiper finish or much wristiness, the PDG  seems to provide her with the leverage and stability to really brush some wicked topspin on the ball now. Just like your website claims on the eastern forehand page. Ditto for her serve, she darn near aced me several times!  She already uses the correct continental grip, but without much adjustment to her service action, added about 10% more power, 20% more spin to her serve. I usually bagel her easily when we play a practice set and she was really jazzed about getting a couple of games off the old man today. Another satisfied PVG customer...
3-My 11 year old, had a different experience...As you forewarned, her serves kept finding the bottom of the net for most of our practice session and she got pretty frustrated and negative about her serve.  Her ground strokes, formerly flat drives adjusted after 15 minutes though, and she was able to rally with noticeably more topspin and pace.  We then resumed serving practice and called it a day after she hit 4 good solid spin serves in a row. I asked her to be patient and keep trying, I think without the PVG, my main obstacle with teaching her the serve has been her inadvertently sliding over to the EF grip and the wedge helps keep her honest. She has developed a weird sidearm action which puts the ball in play consistently, but without the pace and spin she needs to compete effectively at the sattelite level she will be playing in this spring-it's her only real weakness at that level, she is cat quick, has excellent groundies and great touch at the net.  It's going to take a lot of work, but she is a good girl who loves to practice...
3-I tried out my older daughters racket (Yonex rq 1500) and noted the ff:  Not a huge difference on my forehand and serve w/c are my big weapons anyway.  The Power -V- Grip does feel very comfortable and seems to reduce arm strain. Big improvement for me is on the backhand side. I used to have a beautiful 1h topspin bh as a junior, sadly, am now about 40 lbs heavier and 25 years older I have had to resort to a defensive chip bh as I am not able to consistently get into position to drive the ball on that side anymore. I am now able to use my continental grip to drive the ball w/ topspin which I was not able to do before w/o switching to EB grip (never comfortable with that grip} or getting there early enough to go low to high with a very closed stance (???). Does the Power -V- Grip   effectively turn the continental into a grip closer to  the Eastern BH grip? I think even if I am a bit late, it allows me to use my hand to shape the shot at impact on that side like I can still do on my forehand side. BTW, I was so sold after using her stick that I used the cut off scraps from my daughters wedges to fashion a makeshift Power -V- Grip   using an exacto knife to trim a little bevel (don't sue me please!) for my racket (Volkl V-10). Works pretty good, but don't worry I will be ordering more after the holidays! I am excited that my formerly defensive slice bh is now potentially a topspin drive again!
The girls will be playing the Orange County Junior Classic this February giving us over a month to incorporate the PVG into their games.  We hope to be writing you soon with a great testimonial and success story!

Great testimonial from Juan Meer -Yucca Valley, CA - Thanks Juan - Both Juan and his daughters are now using the Power -V- Grip .  I know it is a little long but there are some great insites.  Juan, thanks again for a great testimonial.  Ed ( Tim Tennis - Tennis Warehouse Forum )

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