Hi Tim,

How have you been doing? I just wanted to tell you my impressions of the PVG after a year of fooling around with it:

AWESOME!!!! (but you must be very patient).It has been a very long road for me with the Power -V- Grip . I suspect that the Power -V- Grip   will have difficulty selling for a while because it can take a long time to get used to. Anyway, here is my story:

I was and still am an all courtrer that leans over to the serve and volleystyle of play. "Pre-PVG" I had and a strong eastern grip (almost semi-western) for everything. My serve and volley game was strong.  My groundstrokes were powerful and consistent (although I had to expend a lot of energy) . My backhand was a two hander for power and a one hander for slice and volleys. My forehand was a classic eastern that I could hit with topspin.  When I switched over to the Power -V- Grip   my serve both first and second serve improved TREMENDOUSLY! but the rest of my game suffered.  I just sprayed balls all over the place I had no control.  My pro (Chris Mayote) did something radical in this day an age. He felt that my serves were jut too good with the Power -V- Grip and that I would simply have to learn to play with it. Therefore he had me learn how to play with a continental grip.  In this day and age that is completely unheard of!  Everone hits groundies with at least an eastern if not semi-western. Chris however felt that not all wrists were created equal.  He felt that my wrist hit the continental better.  Anyway, the first ball I hit using the continental literally hit the roof of the building.  I really felt that Chris was going no where with this idea.  But he said something that made sense: "Look at all  the power you have....all you need to do is control it." So I stuck with it.  I lost most of my matches for the next 3 months.  I then tightened up the string pounds and this worked okay for the next six months or so and I won about 65% of my matches.  What I loved about my game was that I discovered a wide array of these awesome "wristy-McEnroe-like" shots.  I had awesome slices and droppers.  Even my serves improved now that I could put all types of action on the ball using these "touchy-feely" shots.  But I lost a lot of that "line drive" power that I had with an eastern.  The trajectory was now completely different...so although I could hit high moon balls....line drives were difficult.  I then had an epiphany!  I loosened the tension again and switched back to an eastern.  I learned that the "eastern wedge " grip is really very similar to a continental on a standard grip.  There is no eastern grip with the it!  This realization has completely changed everything for me.  I am now hitting every shot in the book . With the continental "Power -V- Grip " grip I lose no power and I am still able to hit the most beautiful touch shots in the world.  I have gone up another level.  If I had never gone to law school and had this wedge when I was 18 I surely would have been a pro.  Thank you so much for this wonderful invention.  I think what people need to understand when using it is that they will have to change their stroke production as the trajectory has now changed. This is a radical change....but sooooo worth it.  It took me a full year...and now I have not lost a match in a very long time! My average has got to be near 95%! 

Thanks again Tim!

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Great testimonial from Peter, NY    Thanks Peter for the great testimonial.   Ed