What motivated me to try this? Well, I tinker with equipment all the time. I guess you could say that I'm looking for the ultimate setup of my sticks. I currently play 4.5 USTA, and quite frankly, getting a bit older and looking for all the 'edge' I can get. I've done (and do) custom handles on racquets for people, but nothing like this. Usually I'm asked to put a Head or Volkl handle shape on a Wilson stick (sometimes the other way around…) That's about as custom as I get on handle mods… Any way, one my buddies got a hold of a racquet that had this odd shaped handle…it was on an older Pro Kennex Silver Ace racquet. He asked me to "put a normal handle on it" and string his stick and bring it to our practice…He wanted to hit some with his newly acquired classic…
Well, as I was getting ready to redo the grip, I just started swinging the racquet. It felt pretty good in my hand, so I carefully removed it, saw this odd thing, and put it on one of my racquets. I hit about a hopper full of balls fed from my ball machine. I clearly felt an improvement in the strength of my grip. What I noticed the most was that I felt less fatigue in my wrist and forearm, grip changes were really easy to feel and most importantly, was able to really tear into my backhand with an extreme amount of control. I play with an eastern forehand and backhand…I've been hitting with my PVG modified 300g for about a month. I find that I like this racquet far better than the others…they just don't feel right anymore. Others have noticed that I'm really digging in, have noticed the extra rotation I'm getting, but I haven't been letting anyone in on my secret just yet…Now that I found your site on the internet, well, maybe it'll generate a little more customization work for me other than matching sticks!
I'm looking forward to getting my other two sticks set up like my favorite!


Below is not only a great testimonial but a great story from Mark Whelan from Cumming, GA. Thanks Mark for sharing this with us. Ed

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