Dear Ed and Tennis World,

My name is Michael and I found this website for the first time looking for something to change my ways on the court. Frustration was a word you could use to describe the way I played. Inconsistency day after day and it seemed there was nothing I could do to improve. With the help of my dad we looked for books, aids, videos, magazines, and just about any other possible source for me to improve on and nothing came about. One night I searched on google and found your website. After reading the reviews I was a little skeptical about trying the WW, I thought it was hype. I talked to my dad about it and we dwelled for awhile wondering if this would be my missing key. After talking about it we decided to get one just so see how it played. When it came, I felt an omen inside almost like if I was hearing a voice. I put it on my racquet and went out that night with my dad. My first few hits with him were practically dead into the court and bottom on the net. After about an hour of hitting I was nearing my breaking point and knew I had to be doing something wrong to be hitting this way. My dad noticed a few areas of my strokes that I worked out that night and began to first feel the power. Before getting the WW, I was a backboard player, just getting everything back and hoping the other player would miss. I had no big part to my game at all, just the fact I could run balls down and get it all back.

I remember going home that first night with a smile, I thought to myself that this was working. I had a tournament 4 days later and went out every night and tried different shots with it and worked on getting used to this new feel. That last night before my first tournament I was out till 11:30 at night hitting serves and I felt something I've never been able to feel before and that is the strings on the racquet face. I was
working on my second serve and it felt like my hand was brushing the ball. That night I really felt like the grip was helping me generate more pace and spin due to the fact that the grip doesn't twist in your
hand. Serving soon became a breeze for me because the grip can not change, once you are in that continental grip you can not subtly move or twist the grip. That day of the tournament I had a tough draw and knew I did not have too much experience with the wonder wedge but came out victorious in my first 3 matches until falling in the quarter finals. For once in my life I did not loose a match, I got beat by my opponent.

From that moment to now it was a changing point in my tennis career. That quarterfinal match made me realize how I need to train harder and practice more. And I did, I was building up more of an arsenal in my
game. I learned the slice so easy with the Wonder Wedge, its just one simple grip the continental grip. The grip, just from the first day feels perfect in your hand; it just allows your fingers to wrap around the
bevels so much better. I know I've seen infomercials on TV about these knifes that their handles are rounded almost triangular and that's the same effect the WW has.

I'm now going to tell you of a story I went through a good 5 months after ordering the WW. After working my way up the rankings in Texas for boys 18s I found my self playing in Houston and during a round of 16 match broke a string in my racquet, so I thought " ahh no big deal " and so I proceeded to my next racquet and almost 5 games later my strings broke again! So without getting worried I proceeded to my bag to get my other racquet and I noticed how there was no WW on it… I looked up in the stands to my dad and pointed at it and he was not only shocked but he was worried it was a very close match up to this point it was 4-4 in the second set. After dropping the first set in a tie breaker I knew this was a crucial moment in the match. So I just went to my regular beveled racquet and ended up being broken at love. Basically things were looking bad for me, down a set and a break with my opponent serving for the match. I had to do something and just decided that my WW got me so far why not use it now to pull out of this set. I go in there with my WW and broken strings, end up breaking back, holding serve, and then breaking again to
win the set 7-5. During our 10 minute break before getting into the 3rd set, I told my dad about it and we didn't bring our stringing machine so I was stuck with what I had at least for that time being. I had to go
into that 3rd set with either my perfectly strung regular beveled racquet or continue with the WW. And you guessed right, I picked the WW. After and early break I go up 3-0 and knew I had control of the match. I ended up winning the set and match 6-7 (4), 7-5, 6-3. From this moment I went through, I knew the WW was the real deal. Luckily I had no other matches that day and we took my racquets to a local store in town to get strung. I ended up going to the finals and loosing in a tough match 5-7, 6-7 (9).

I want to now get into a more simplified outline of what the Wonder Wedge has done to my game. I went from a backboarder to a more rounded player practically in about a weeks time when starting with the Wonder Wedge. Every aspect of my game became more confident. I now could hit winners. I could now serve with some pop. I learned how to volley and half-volley with the WW. Before the WW I was just a random ole high school player just batting the ball around. Now I go for shots, I can go for lines and corners, from the service line I can aim my serves up the T or decide to take it out wide with a slice. This Grip has put shots into my bag, its given me confidence.

I now enjoy tennis! Before playing with my WW, I felt like I was getting no where, and now I feel I have a chance to play college tennis. If a 17 year old high school player who had a low local USTA ranking get his
game to being in the top 30 in the state I am telling you that you as well can do the same. The Wonder Wedge has changed the way I view tennis. Winning now feels so much sweeter than before. I can now serve and volley and punish opponents with short balls I can serve effortlessly and now I can concentrate more on what my opponent is doing and I don't have to worry what I am doing. I'm telling you that if you
want to get better, hit bigger shots, hit more aces, and hit crisper volleys this is the product that will revolutionize your perspective of this sport we call tennis.

In conclusion, the wonder wedge is by far the best and fastest product on the market today that will improve your game. Believe me I was a struggling junior player trying to move higher in the rankings. Now I
have a chance to have my dreams come true playing collegiate tennis. Whether you want to become a club champion or move your way up the 3.0 NTRP rankings, this will be the greatest and smartest thing you can do for yourself! "Get one today, before your opponent does!"

Michael Delloro

San Antonio, TX – Central Catholic High School


p.s. – Ed, I owe you everything. If it wasn't for the wonder wedge, I would never have gotten this far, and now that I have an opportunity to having my dreams come true I have to thank you from the bottom of my
heart for coming up with this product. Keep in touch always!

Hey Ed, it's Michael. I was thinking I could possibly put up some stats, my dad has been keeping from before I was using the wonder wedge to now that I am using the wonder wedge... the numbers are really amazing and show the evidence fully... I need to get my dad on it to find more stats but this is what i have so far with those numbers... which are old but show drastic improvement in all areas of game....notice the confidence at net while using the WW those statistics are for 10 matches all averaged

Total Tournaments won since using the WW - 7
Total Tournaments to the Semi-Final or Final Round - 4
Total Tournaments to the Quarter Final or Round of 16 - 3

Previous Record without using WW 12-25 (Singles)
Revious Record withough using WW 13-14 (Doubles)

Overall Record using WW 32-8 (Singles)
Overall Record using WW 9-0 (Doubles)

Note that the matches used were either usta sanctioned events such as regional and sectional events and also high school events those are some real valid stats u could add to my testimonial page to really show the differances the WW.

I know the only current stats I have so far is my doubles record. We won the previous tournament and got to the semi finals of the last one so we are 9-0. if I would count the dual matches so far this year in district
it would be something like 17-1 for singles...but its not valid since those players arn't even locally ranked.

Tell me what you think...thanks to my good ole dad he keeps a big book of stuff like that... haha hes had it full of stats since last year some time... its neat looking back on my weaknesses and comparing them to my
game now...


Before using the WW
First Serve % - 56%
Second Serve % - 73%
Average Aces per match - 2.2
Average Unforced Errors per match - 29.8
Average Service Winners - 3.1
First Serve % points won - 62%
Second Serve % points won - 24%
Net points won 12/45 - 26%

Using the WW
First Serve % - 68%
Second Serve % - 94%
Average Aces per match - 5.8
Average Unforced Errors per match - 12.2
Average Service Winners - 11.4
First Serve % points won - 81%
Second Serve % points won - 63%
Net points won 115/163 - 71%

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Great testimonial from Michael Delloro - San Antonio, TX -Thanks Mike and Michael -
All the testimonials I receive mean so much to me but I have to admit this one is very special. I have exchanged numerous E-mails with Michael and his dad, Mike. Michael's determination to be the best he can be and his willingness to work hard is just an inspiration for everyone. You should see their practice schedule, very structured and disiplined. Michael loves the game and has a dream to play college tennis. I hope he makes it. I would love to go see him play. You got to love the game. Ed

Shortly after receiving the above testimonial Michael sent me some stats. Most people don't go into such detail, unless your Brad Gilbert. Be sure to check out the before WW and Using the WW stats at the bottom of this page. Very, very impressive.